Home and settled

Wow what can I say?! 

Friday 15th came and they made a decision to keep Nick in boots. He has tolerated them really well and is settled. His feet are a little sore but our gp was able to prescribe dueoderm patches with no bother. 

We were able to take him on holiday in boots and bar which meant we could give him boots off time at the beach! He felt the sand on his toes and paddled his feet in the sea. I was so pleased as it had meant so much to me. 

We are home now, and getting back into routine. 

It’s not september but we are back to learning.  Alana and Josh are doing their khan academy challenges and we have found several resources for us to use when learning to speak Spanish so that will begin this week. 

Josh is learning geography by marking on a blank world map where different species of crocodile can be found around the world and Alana has continued over the summer to work on her project on the world wars. She even learnt about the occupation of the channel islands while we were on holiday. 

I am looking forward to our first full term of home schooling and have a lot of plans and ideas to cover history, human body, geography, weather and seasons, science and Spanish. … including several trips out and experiences. 

I will continue to blog our adventures.  I also take photos along the way and get them printed for the children to write about and put in their folders. This allows them to build on their writing skills as well. 








2nd night

We made so much progress yesterday. Nick was a lot more settled. Still grizzly at times but he slept and we even got some smiles. Last night he fell asleep while we were having a late dinner. We weren’t expecting him to stay asleep but decided to come upstairs and lay down to rest…. He went down in his crib, I didn’t even get him undressed. I lay down and gave Ryan a cuddle and settled down to watch an episode of our program on Netflix and next thing I knew it was 6:30 am and nick was waking up for a bum change and feeding.
We got him undressed as he was wet and gave him boot off time. I fed him and Ryan massaged coconut oil into his feet and legs and back of his knees. He fell back to sleep. After 20 minutes we were able to put his boots back on and Ryan clicked the bar in while Nick was feeding and it didn’t even disturb him. He fell back to sleep and is still snoozing now! 20140813_080225



First night in b&b

We had a very unsettled night. I thought we were going to get lucky at first as nick seemed happy to fall asleep on his front as usual…. but it was not to be. It was a disturbed restless nap with a lot of wriggling till he woke up and I found he had almost completely got the boot off!

In the end I propped myself up on a v pillow and slept with him on my chest. He woke several times but we at least got some rest.
This morning nick did manage a smile at me, I let him have 20 minutes boots off time during which I played with him and massaged his legs and feet. He was still quite content when His boots went back on and was able to sit in his high chair and even fell asleep.
He has fed and fallen back to sleep again now. Playing it hour by hour at the momenìt.

The next step

Little nick got his boots and bar today. He is very unsettled! He has cried himself to sleep several times and woken up screaming. I am trying to reassure myself that he has shared a couple of smiles, had a couple of feeds and had a bum change so he is not in too much discomfort, it will just take some getting used to.
We are not totally free from casts though. The future is unknown. We go back on friday and this week we are purely seeing how we go. It may be that he needs to go back into cast, it may turn out that his tenotomy needs to be repeated. There is so much uncertainty with this treatment.
It is awful seeing my baby so uncomfortable.

People can say to me “he won’t remember it”…. no but I will!
People can say “it will all be worth it”…. yes I know that, but actually at the moment that doesn’t stop it being hard.
I am allowed to feel upset, anxious and angry… I am allowed to have a little cry …. I am allowed to hate talipes!
None of that will stop us getting through this. We will, somehow.

Skin to skin and learning when the mood takes us.

20140731_173948 20140730_152716 20140730_160306 20140730_200351 20140730_165459 20140801_173531


Firstly I wanted to write about my ponderings regarding Skin to Skin contact. When I was pregnant with Nick I read an awful lot about the importance of skin to skin. Even now i see it advised all the time as a way to soothe baby, a way to boost milk supply and a way to nurse a baby feeling unwell. I read amazing things about our bodies ability to regulate its temperature according to the needs of our babies and i find it fascinating. However, something that i feel has been over looked somewhat is the importance of daddy skin to skin.

As soon as Nick was born i had stated that i wanted Ryan to be topless for his first cuddle as well, and he was. He still has skin to skin cuddles every morning and every evening. When Ryan gave Nick his first bottle he did so topless. Nick and Ryan have an amazing bond and I loved seeing Ryan give him a bath for the first time yesterday.

Actually, even Josh has had skin to skin cuddles with Nick! It is such an important part of development and not one that should be reserved just for mums.


As a family we are starting to get used to the idea of learning when the mood takes us. We spent some time discussing the equator, world temperatures, time zones and the international date line this week. The topic wasnt planned, it just came up in conversation. Josh was interested so we blew up our inflatable globe and looked at thew world map wall chart.

Alana and Joshua also enjoyed a fun opportunity to learn about canals and locks when we were playing and paddling our feet and skimming stones in a river when a boat approached a lock on the nearby canal. Both children enjoyed helping to open and close the lock and watching the water levels change. Once again, a learning opportunity that was not planned but was greatly enjoyed.

We have managed to get some national geographic activity boxes at a reduced price this week. They about black bears and contain information fact cards and a cuddly bear that you have to stuff and sew yourself. We are looking forward to doing some sewing and learning a little about the black bears, why they are endangered, where their natural habitat is etc….


This week also sees the celebration of world breastfeeding week in our home. So i will largely be nursing in public and sharing boobie pics in a bid to raise awareness and increase acceptance for the most natural thing in the world.

I am forever amazed at my bodies ability to nourish myself and my baby, and cant help but feel somewhat smug and proud of myself when we weigh Nick between casts and see how much weight he has put on 😀