Home and settled

Wow what can I say?! 

Friday 15th came and they made a decision to keep Nick in boots. He has tolerated them really well and is settled. His feet are a little sore but our gp was able to prescribe dueoderm patches with no bother. 

We were able to take him on holiday in boots and bar which meant we could give him boots off time at the beach! He felt the sand on his toes and paddled his feet in the sea. I was so pleased as it had meant so much to me. 

We are home now, and getting back into routine. 

It’s not september but we are back to learning.  Alana and Josh are doing their khan academy challenges and we have found several resources for us to use when learning to speak Spanish so that will begin this week. 

Josh is learning geography by marking on a blank world map where different species of crocodile can be found around the world and Alana has continued over the summer to work on her project on the world wars. She even learnt about the occupation of the channel islands while we were on holiday. 

I am looking forward to our first full term of home schooling and have a lot of plans and ideas to cover history, human body, geography, weather and seasons, science and Spanish. … including several trips out and experiences. 

I will continue to blog our adventures.  I also take photos along the way and get them printed for the children to write about and put in their folders. This allows them to build on their writing skills as well. 








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