Back in cast

Wednesday 15th october. After 10 weeks in full time boots and bar, at 21 weeks old nick had his second tenotomy.
We had to arrive at the hospital at 7 am. Nick was not allowed to feed after 4 am and was not allowed water after 6 am. At 9 am he was taken first of the day into surgery.
Seeing him getting put to sleep was gut wrenching. He cried as the mask was held over his face, he looked at us, arched his back and screamed. Then his eyes rolled and he was asleep.
He was down for about an hour then we were told we could go down to recovery to be with him. He was crying, but he had a feed and managed to fall back to sleep.
The consultant said all had gone well, his tenotomy seemed successful and he was cast nice and tight. We are to return in 2 weeks but they are hoping not to disturb the cast for the full 3 weeks.
Afterwards they are saying that he won’t have to do the full 12 weeks in full time boots and bar again, we will take it week by week.
Nick seems to be coping back in cast. He is rolling around and still slamming his feet down, I am scared of him cracking his cast!
Unfortunately I am back to the stares, the wispers and the assumptions that I have broken my babies leg. I hope that in time there will be a raise of awareness to stop random people assuming the worst. 😦


Next appointment

We took nick for his check up on Friday. His physio had a quick look, she was very happy with how well he is doing but still didn’t think his heel was moving down. We waiting around for his consultant to come and have a look.
The consultant has decided that what she will do is xray his foot under a general anesthetic. She said that if he needs another tenotomy she will do it all in one go but will xray first to be sure of positioning.
So we are to return next Wednesday (15th october) to arrive for 7 am. Nick is not allowed to feed after 4 am. He is due to be the first one in but I am still dreading having to see him hungry 😦 I am worried about how he will cope in cast again though the physio assured me that he will cope fine.
I am sad that this means he will be in cast when we are on holiday at the end of the month but I am relieved that this means that he will be out of cast for Xmas.
He is doing so well. Rolling over and trying to get mobile.
He has had a cold so I mixed some coconut oil with some eucalyptus oil to make a vapour rub which I put on his chest and around his nose. I also made some wet tissues out of kitchen roll using warm water and coconut oil which work brilliantly for wiping his nose and throwing away.


So, I haven’t updated as things have been somewhat busy here. Nick has been going through his developmental leap which has effected his sleep and he has been learning new skills. At 16 weeks and one day, on 10th September he rolled over and has just progressed further and further. On Friday 3rd October he was able to hold himself sat up. He had also learnt the art of blowing raspberries.
We are still applying dueoderm to his feet but generally he continues to tolerate boots and bar very well. I am not unaware of how lucky this makes me. Next Friday we return again to Stanmore. I am dreading his second tenotomy. With each developmental step forward I am dreading how angry he will be to be back in cast 😦