Back in cast

Wednesday 15th october. After 10 weeks in full time boots and bar, at 21 weeks old nick had his second tenotomy.
We had to arrive at the hospital at 7 am. Nick was not allowed to feed after 4 am and was not allowed water after 6 am. At 9 am he was taken first of the day into surgery.
Seeing him getting put to sleep was gut wrenching. He cried as the mask was held over his face, he looked at us, arched his back and screamed. Then his eyes rolled and he was asleep.
He was down for about an hour then we were told we could go down to recovery to be with him. He was crying, but he had a feed and managed to fall back to sleep.
The consultant said all had gone well, his tenotomy seemed successful and he was cast nice and tight. We are to return in 2 weeks but they are hoping not to disturb the cast for the full 3 weeks.
Afterwards they are saying that he won’t have to do the full 12 weeks in full time boots and bar again, we will take it week by week.
Nick seems to be coping back in cast. He is rolling around and still slamming his feet down, I am scared of him cracking his cast!
Unfortunately I am back to the stares, the wispers and the assumptions that I have broken my babies leg. I hope that in time there will be a raise of awareness to stop random people assuming the worst. 😦


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