14 months…. and playing football!!

I cant quite believe that i havent been on here since october, things have certainly been busy! We are home educating the older 2 children and have a bit of a bonkers toddler now!

Nick did his time in boots and bar and is now wearing them over night only. He took his first steps at the beginning of may but he made us wait another month before he started toddling confidently.

Now to watch him running around at 14 months old, he even enjoys kicking a ball about and playing in the sand at the beach, it is amazing to think of what he has been through. You wouldnt guess that every night we have to strap on his boots and click his bar into place.

Its also hard to believe that we came so close to loosing him with his hernia. He has a faded scar now which when you see him sitting down could easily pass as a wrinkle from where he has been sat down. All being said, he is doing brilliantly well and has not been held back at all.